Resume passion is a resume writing services venture of Urja Media Corp. We believe in crafting solid resumes that work. For what good is a resume if it looks good, feels good but doesnt get you that interview?

Our company is based out of Milwaukee WI, the commercial hub of Midwest. Our team led by our founder, has extensive experience in the field of Human-resource. We invest aggressively in training and certification in order to deliver highest quality results. We place high emphasis on matching the skills of our certified resume writers with your needs. Although our resume writers are certified to write for a broad variety of industry verticals, we identify their strong suits and match assignments accordingly. The idea is to exceed expectations.

Our team of resume writers engages with a panel of professionals who are currently working in several industries at various levels. Our CPRWs are thus able to keep themselves updated on the latest challenges and required skill-sets in those professions.This helps them develop sound industry perspective that reflects in the resumes and cover letters that they write.

Equipped with a good resume collateral you can weather the rough waters of an ever turbulent economy. We make sure that a coherent and compelling story emerges from your resume and opens doors for you!