Resume Samples

Samples of Resume Written by Us

Following are some of the sample work we have done:

1. Executive Resume: Before and After
2. Tech Resume: Before and After
3. Registered Nurse Resume: Before and After
4. HR & Admin Resume: Created from scratch
5. Engineering Resumes: Electrical Engineer, Engineering Manager, Facilities Engineer & Nuclear Engineer.

We create new resumes from scratch as well as review-critique-rewrite old resumes that you might have, so as to target specific positions or to address gaps in careers.

With an older reume in hand, you might feel that minor changes in formatting or just a little bit of touch up is all that it needs, yet several such resumes have benefited from the inputs and modifications by our resume writers. They are professional and understand the current trends in several industries. This helps them craft a resume that gets the attention of hiring managers, and opens the right doors.

Our process is highly interactive! At a moment of transition in your career an interaction with our writer over phone/email can provide you sound perspective and put you in a position of advantage. For $99.00 you will get to participate in a one-on-one interaction with a professional writer who will try and understand your concerns and goals by asking pertinent questions and engaging in meaningful career discussion.The collateral created at the end of this process will surely make you more confident in making that career jump.

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